Diversity in the Macrofauna Edaphic Functional in Agroecosystems the Dwarf Horn Plantain (AAB) in the municipalities of Posoltega and Leon, Nicaragua: Evidence of Agricultural EcoIntensificación

Alvaro José Caballero-Hernàndez, Carlos Alberto Zúniga-González, Noelía Erlinda Navas, Mirna del Socorro Ortíz-Corrales, Wualia Valezka González, Iris Maricela Hernández-Díaz, Socorro Del Carmen Espinales-Llanes, Orestes Sardiñas-Gómez, Luis Alberto Orellana-Mejía


The objetive the research was to compare the diversity and richness of functional edaphic macrofauna in two soil layers in the plantain agroecosystems dwarf horn (AAB). Performing five stations each plot of land in 1000 m2 of farms studied in two layers (trash and 0-20 cm depth), following a design completely random sampling. Of the two strata which won the largest number of individuals was the layer of 0-20 cm deep. The maximum values of density (ind x m) for the macrofauna were recorded on farms of Posoltega, followed by the municipality of Leon. Instead wealth is higher in the municipality of Leon farms in farms of Posoltega, which is expressed in the values of the indices (Shannon-Wiener Diversity, Diversity Margalef, Equity Pielou and dominance of Simpson ) management practices promote the presence of residues together with the diversification of plant species that host richer, diverse and equitable communities, dominated the functional group detritus in both municipalities (León and Posoltega). The most abundant genera were found earthworms (Oligochaeta) and Hymenoptera (Solenopsis, Leptothorax, Camponotus, Pheidole) in most of the farms, which indicated the relationship that the higher number of earthworms increased production and greater decreases the number of Hymenoptera production, demonstrated in the correlation of Pearson with a 95% reliability and regression models. We consider that this abundance and richness of the macrofauna enables greater dynamism among the physical, chemical and biological components, interdependence and interactions soil multifunctional balanced with greater productivity and synergism.

Palabras clave

EcoIntensification, Macrofauna, Plantain, Diversity, Edaphic

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